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Mesh wastebaskets Mesh wastebaskets
Made of wire mesh, lightweight and durable. Great for home or office use.
Plastic wastebaskets Plastic wastebaskets
Available in different colors and designs. Lightweight, affordable, and easy to clean.
$5,94 $5,94
Metal wastebaskets Metal wastebaskets
Sturdy and come in different finishes such as chrome or stainless steel. Ideal for heavy use areas.
$1,59 $1,59
Wooden wastebaskets Wooden wastebaskets
Attractive and add a natural touch to the room. Often used in rustic or traditional decor.
$0,99 $0,99
Wicker wastebaskets Wicker wastebaskets
Woven from natural materials, perfect for a beachy or boho decor. Lightweight and easy to move.
$2,59 $2,59
Paper wastebaskets Paper wastebaskets
Disposable and ideal for temporary use, such as during events or parties. Made of recyclable materials, eco-friendly option.
$2,59 $2,59

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